5 Interesting Facts About E Cigarettes

Posted by ymaturecongress2kR on February 4, 2014 at 8:50 AM

We all have heard at one time or another about e cigarettes but still many of us smokers remain confused about what it exactly is? Is it some sort of an app? Can we really smoke it? Or is it just some sort of a new fad? Let’s take a better look at e cigarettes. First of all e cigarettes are not a fad, they are simply a device which transforms a liquid form of tobacco into vapors that the smoker then inhales to get the same satisfaction that he or she would get from smoking a cigarette. Except in this case a battery powered atomizer works on the liquid tobacco to convert it to the vapor form. Here are 5 interesting facts about e cigarettes. 1. An e cigarette can be used multiple times. Unlike a regular cigarettes which ahs to be trashed after being smoked, an e cigarette can last you a very long time all you have to do is, replace the nicotine cartridge with a new one once you’re done smoking it. The heating mechanism and the actual body of an e cigarette can otherwise last you a long time. 2. An e cigarette doesn’t need a lighter or a matchbox to light. In older versions of the e cigarettes, the smoker had to press a button to light the cigarette however on newer versions sensors have been installed that activate the heating mechanism and produce vapors as soon as the smoker’s lips touch the cartridge (the filter part). 3. There’s no ash or any other residue that is produced with the use of an e cigarette. No sparks, no ash and no worries about where to trash the cigarette butts. This is not only hygienic but also very safe. Often you read in the papers or hear in the new about fire incident that are caused because of carelessly thrown cigarettes, that scenario is just isn’t possible with e cigarettes as the heating mechanism shuts itself as soon as you have taken a drag. Besides it runs on a safe lithium ion battery that is rechargeable. 4. Where there’s no fire there’s no smoke. That’s right e cigarettes produce no smoke only vapor. As it’s merely water vapor it’s not harmful for those around you. This also means that you can pretty much smoke an e cigarette where you won’t usually be allowed to smoke a regular one. E cigarettes really are cigarettes that you can virtually smoke anywhere without a problem. 5. The nicotine content in e cigarettes can be regulated by buying the right cartridge. Some cartridges have stronger amount of nicotine while other are ‘light’ similarly they come in a whole range of flavors that are very pleasant for others. That also means that you won’t smell like an ashtray and won’t get dirty looks from the non-smokers around you. This is just a basic introduction to the amazing world of e cigarettes, if you’re interested in more information on them and how to buy them in Canada, click here.

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